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Mental Health and Suicide Prevention Science, Research, and Training for
Law Enforcement and First Responders

Designed to Improve Behavior, Mitigate Risk, Enhance Performance, and Harness the Mental Capacity of Law Enforcement Officers and First Responders

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Improving Mental Health, Behavior, and Performance by Improving Thinking 

Instructor-Led Training Programs

This course is designed as a proactive approach to suicide prevention. The skills and resources taught during this course may help save the life of an officer. The course provides cognitive and behavioral tools necessary to sustain an officer’s mental health, build emotional resilience, and reduce the risk of suicide before a crisis point.

Officers are provided with an opportunity to understand the psychology of stress, emotions, thoughts, and behaviors that result from critical incidents or traumatic events. We teach how to implement behavioral interventions that can mitigate potential mental health problems.

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What Makes Our Training Different?

Our training classes are designed as a proactive approach to suicide prevention. The skills and resources taught during this course may help save the life of an officer.

We were founded on the idea that training for law enforcement officers and first responders needs to be science-based. To this end, our unique officer-to-officer training scenarios implement many scientific and psychological concepts.

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Training Based on Officer-To-Officer Scenarios

Our training is based on officer-to-officer scenarios and built around an officer's psychological self-development and their ability to help at-risk officers.

Our scenarios are designed around emphasizing key psychological concepts and explaining the links between them in order to expose behavioral changes and break down officers’ cognitive and emotional processes. The scenarios are realistic, personal, engaging, thought-provoking, and challenging.

Officers examine complex situations involving day-to-day encounters with fellow officers, command staff, and family members.


Our on-site training courses are customized to fit your organization's needs. We provide highly effective training that improves behavior and increases safety.


Seminars based on real world scenarios. We believe in learning that is supported by science and provides behavioral tools that can be used to mitigate risks and improve behavior.


Our training seminars reflect real world scenarios, are supported by science, and provide behavioral tools that mitigate risks and improve behavior.


Our team of security experts and behavioral specialists work with clients to provide training programs that are customized to fit their specific objectives.

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Research and Training 

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Hybrid Academy 

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