INDIANA - Suicide Prevention and Mental Resilience Training

Length of Course: 8 hours (8 -hour time block and is broken up into distinct modules) Time: 8AM-5PM
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Sep 10, 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Indianapolis, Indianapolis, IN, USA

About the Course

Time: 8AM-5PM

Length of Course: 8 hours ( 8 -hour time block and is broken up into distinct modules)

Course Target Population: Law Enforcement, First Responders

Delivery Method: Classroom

This course is designed to provide officers with an understanding of the psychology of suicide, fear, stress, emotions,

thoughts, and behaviors that result from critical incidents or traumatic events, and utilize such knowledge to provide

effective behavioral interventions that can mitigate the potential psychological impact that those events can have on the officers.

This course is designed as a proactive approach to suicide prevention. The skills and resources taught during this

course may help save the life of an officer. The course provides cognitive and behavioral tools necessary to sustain

officer’s mental health, build emotional resilience, and reduce the risk of suicide before a crisis point. The purpose of

this course is to sharpen your officers' awareness of their own self and teach them how to utilize their own psychological functions to decrease anxiety, lower the effects of stress, identify errors in their own thoughts and behaviors, and course correct the way they think, feel, and behave.

The course introduces officers to specific functions and the architectural design of the human brain. Officers will learn how different parts of the brain are responsible for trauma processing, emotions, stress, fear, anxiety, and PTSD. It will provide an understanding of the importance of knowing the correlation between biological activities and psychological events, and how this correlation affects decision making, emotions, and behavior.

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