GEORGIA - The Science of Suicide Prevention and Mental Resilience Training

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16 Hours


Margret Younis

Margret Younis is an educator, researcher, speaker, and the owner of a security, investigative, risk mitigation and behavioral violence prevention training firm. She implements innovative behavioral training concepts designed to prevent workplace violence as well as improve, maintain, and modify human behaviors. Margret earned a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice from Roosevelt University, and a Master’s of Forensic Psychology from the Illinois School of Professional Psychology at Argosy University.

Her passion can be found in neuropsychological research that explains behavior and decision-making
processes in high-stress environments. She investigates concepts of fear, resentment, anxiety,
PTSD, depression, suicide, resilience, and performance, including their correlation with the physical
brain and psychological mind. She believes that working in law enforcement and criminal justice professions requires not only strength and intelligence, but also an extraordinary mindset that should balance objectivity, pragmatism, compassion, and emotional stability.

About the course


OCTOBER 29, 2021

Time: 8AM-5PM

Projected number of participants: 100


Location: St.Luise, MO

Course Target Population: Law Enforcement, First Responders Delivery


Method: Classroom Course Format: Lecture, Individual and group practical exercises, self-assessments, case studies, and an interactive training structure that allows participants and the instructor to engage in real discussions. This schedule may be adapted as needed to accommodate guest speakers or classroom exercises.